Narda Violeta Paitan Santillan
Scholarship Recipient 2006
Universidad Peruana de los Andes
Huancayo, Peru 

"My name is Narda Paitán Santillán, born in the city of Huancayo, Peru. I graduated with an Optometry degree at the Universidad Peruana Los Andes in Huancayo, Peru. I have been married for 8 years and I have been a Volunteer Firefighter for 10 years. I was a recipient of The Olive Tree Foundation for Education scholarship in 2006. I am thankful for all the support they gave me in the moments that I needed it the most. They are an important part of my personal and professional development. I have supported the foundation since 2016 to channel the scholarships offered to the Peruvian University Los Andes. Currently, I have been working as an Optometrist in the city of Huancayo and I would like to specialize in Ocular Prosthesis, which is one of my goals that will soon be achieved."

Rigel Angel Cajjak Aguirre 
Scholarship Recipient 2007
Universidad Peruana de los Andes 
Huancayo, Peru 

"My name is Rigel Ángel Cajjak Aguirre, born in the beautiful city of Huancayo, Peru. I graduated with a degree in Optometry at Universidad Peruana de los Andes and was one of the lucky scholarship recipients of the Olive Tree Foundation for Education to whom I owe a large part of my professional development. Initially, I knew very little about this beautiful profession, but over time I liked it and as I understood more of the professional's role and discipline, I was convinced that I was in the right career. This has provided me much personal and professional satisfaction. I remain very grateful to the great work of The Olive Tree Foundation for Education."

Mirtha Yannet Tocto Morocho 
Scholarship Recipient 2010
Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológica
Privada de Óptica y Optometría (IESTPOO)
Lima, Peru 

My name is Mirtha Yannet Tocto Morocho born in the city of Chiclayo, Peru. In my professional career I graduated in Industrial Engineering. I also pursued a career in Optometry, graduating from Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológica Privada de Óptica y Optometría (IESTPOO) in the city of Lima. I was a scholarship recipient  of The Olive Tree Foundation for Education, a great support that helped me to achieve great satisfaction in my career. I pursued my career in Optometry at 17 years old, which was very challenging as I had to assume great responsibility due to the scarce resources I had at that time. This career has taught allowed me to commit to people's health and the great kindness and interest in caring for them for many years. I am infinitely grateful to the foundation for the support it provides to many young people, who have the desire to get ahead and who often fail due to financial difficulties.

Scholarship Recipient 2009
Universidad Peruana de Los Andes
Huancayo, Peru 

Hello, my name is Laysha and I am a Peruvian nurse. Since I was little I showed interest in pursuing an education. I was one of the first students in both my local school and university. I always showed great care and responsibility in assigned tasks. I studied at the Universidad Peruana Los Andes (UPLA), a private university in Huancayo, Peru. For a time I was going through a difficult financial situation and it was there that the opportunity to receive a scholarship for my profesional development at UPLA presented itself. I applied for one of the scholarships offered by the Olive Tree Foundation for Education (OTFE) and thanks to my high weighted GPA in the University I received a scholarship twice. It was there that we started with a group of nursing students (who were also scholarship recipients) to carry out preventive promotional health campaigns in different districts of the city of Huancayo. Together, alongside the Father Enrique Gonzales of the Congregation of Los Camilos, I am infinitely grateful to OTFE because I was able to successfully complete my nursing career. I currently work at the Federico Villareal National University in the city of Lima-Peru and I have been a nurse for 9 years. This field is interesting, but I will never forget the motivation I had in those university years to achieve good averages and grades. I was an exceptional student. I share my story with you and believe that dreams can be achieved. It is only a matter of willpower, motivation and perseverance; there are always opportunities in life and we must take advantage of them. Thank you OTFE for sharing my story!!!

Jammer Rudy Espinoza Pérez
Scholarship Recipient 2019-20
Universidad Peruana de Los Andes
Huancayo, Peru 

My name is Jammer Rudy Espinoza Pérez, a native of the Amazonian city of Satipo, Peru. I am the youngest sibling of four sisters and my parents are growing older. I have lived in Huancayo, Peru for 13 years following my dreams with perseverance. I currently have a technical career in the field of pharmacy. I began my post-secondary education at 17 years old. Currently, I am 29 years old and am in my 4th year of a professional career in pharmacy and biochemistry, always placing myself in the upper third of my class with the effort and enthusiasm that I dedicate to it.


I chose to pursue a career in pharmacy because it is a health career and I always liked to watch over the health of my people. I aim to be a good professional and help society with the knowledge obtained throughout the course of my training. Since I was little, I dreamed of having a profession and helping those who need it most. I am aware that we live in a country with economic need and now with the pandemic, even more, we all know that we are going through an economic, emotional and health crisis. Now more than ever I am motivated by all of this to get ahead and help in the future.


The greatest inspiration is to see my mother applaud me when I am graduating. I am also inspired by the ethics that a pharmacist must have when exercising his duties. I chose to study pharmacy and biochemistry at Universidad Peruana De Los Andes (UPLA) because it has been training leading health professionals in Peru for over 35 years. They train us very well to go out with the necessary tools to be good in our field. I want to thank God, my parents, sisters, and the The Olive Tree Foundation for Education (OTFE) and to all the people who make it possible for my dreams to come true.

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Henry Rojas Menacho
Scholarship Recipient 2015 & 2017 - 2020
Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú
Lima, Peru 

My name is Henry Rojas Menacho and I was born in the city of Lima, Peru. I am currently a student of Law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in my 7th semester. I am a recipient of scholarships offered by The Olive Tree Foundation for Education and I am very grateful that the help received contributes to my personal and professional development. I have a special appreciation and admiration for Dr. William Olivos because since we made contact he has always been willing to help me and offer words of encouragement and hope. I thank him and The Olive Tree Foundation for Education (OTFE) very much because I am fully convinced that the work they have been doing will allow us to have a more equitable and better educated Peru.

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